The Cost Benefits of Cloud Computing

Modern product innovation requires advanced technology infrastructure to minimize budgets and maximize profit.

Thumbprint Solutions Inc. – ANSYS Canada

For numerically large engineering simulations, a flexible cloud environment typically delivers faster run times, allowing engineers to solve complex problems quickly ― and launch products more rapidly. The world’s leading product development teams are already leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) resources, yet many of them remain uncertain about the costs of replacing on-premises hardware and software with cloud hosting.

 To clear up the confusion and demonstrate that the cloud delivers a total cost of ownership that is lower than on-premises computing, Ansys has published “A Break in the Clouds: The Cost Benefits of Ansys Cloud.”  The white paper illustrates how Ansys Cloud delivers all the speed and efficiency that customers expect from HPC in the cloud ― along with Ansys’ software ― at a cost lower than an on-premises approach.

While on-premises data center investments can vary depending on the number of users, Ansys estimates that a large company, with 150 simulation users, would require 375 racks, 3,100 servers, 64,000 cores and a 16,000 sq. ft. data center facility to handle its computing needs. These represent significant financial investments.

Tens of design and operations iterations to get quick and optimized results – parallel solves plus HPC on the cloud-integrated inside a parametric model of Workbench

Small to medium-sized businesses also need to invest in expensive computing clusters based on their peak usage periods. If the cluster is too small, they will be forced to create job queues that result in delays and lost time. Conversely, a cluster that is too large may sit unused at times, resulting in unneeded expenditures. It can be difficult to get the specifications right, balancing cost with performance needs.

Cloud Customer Testimonials

“Cloud computing accelerates time to results and the built-in interface to Microsoft Azure within the Ansys tools presents a compelling case for its adoption.”
— Jon Everitt, principal aerodynamicist, Altaeros

“The Ansys Cloud service built into Ansys Mechanical provides intuitive, easy-to-access to HPC directly from the application. For large, high-fidelity models, Ansys Cloud reduced our solve times by 5-6X and cut the entire simulation workflow by half.”
Marcos Blancho, Mechanical Engineer

“High-efficiency equipment is critical for improving plant performance in the oil and gas industry. Ansys Cloud enables Hytech Ingenieria to calculate large and complicated geometries within hours, instead of days or weeks — resulting in significant time savings.”
Luis Baikauskas, Process Engineer

For all businesses, there are other large operational costs to consider, including staff to manage IT and HPC assets and data center facilities. Often, specialized external expertise is needed to specify the data center or cluster design, ensure its security and integrate technology from multiple suppliers. Utility costs can also be high, as organizations pay for the large amounts of electricity needed to cool, store data and run numerically intensive simulations.

There are additional hidden costs of on-premises hosting documented below:

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