Automotive Transportation and Mobility

Companies – established and new – are racing to capture the electric mobility market opportunity and they know that their future success depends on the critical technology decisions they make today.

Efficiently transporting goods drives the global economy. People need to move for business and pleasure. With the global population expected to swell to 10 billion people by 2050, these forces are combining to cause an exponential increase in mobility.


Sustained Key Business Initiatives
Safety and Reliability
Functional Safety & SOTIF
Crash Safety
Electronics Reliability
Thermal Management
Passenger Experience
Human Machine Interfaces
Passenger Comfort
Fuel Economy and Emissions
Electric Powertrain
IC Engine
Product Development and Manufacturing
Analysis Led Design Optimization
Additive Manufacturing


Make Decisions Early Before Committing Major Time and Resources

“ANSYS multiphysics simulation platform helps Lucid to address customer needs, solve engineering problems, optimize subsystems and components, meet regulatory requirements, and bring a world-class vehicle to market.”

“We have to use world-class
simulation tools in order to
create this world-class product”

Peter Rawlinson, CTO
Lucid Motors

The Opportunities Created by Disruptive Innovation
Autonomous Systems
(levels 1, 2, 3, 4 &5)
Fully autonomous vehicles
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Battery electric vehicles
Fuel cell electric vehicles
Hybrid electric vehicles
Electrified components
System Integration
5G & Enhanced Communication Systems
V2X communication
Connectivity & infotainment
Cloud services
Data analytics
Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
Weight reduction
Part elimination
Cost reduction

TSI Engineering enables effective design process for Electric Vehicle Development

Showcasing Canadian knowhow to a global market to develop, design and unveil a revolutionary new model of sustainable, green urban delivery. Taking aim a global last-mile delivery, the Rapide is the first of a family of novel vehicles developed by Gaius Automotive.

Sophisticated advanced simulation helped us save years on the development process.
International Auto Show (I.A.A.) in Hannover Germany

Overcoming The Challenges

Simulation Across the Lifecycle – The Highest Level of Competitive Advantage

How Advanced Analytics Can Benefit Infrastructure Capital Planning (April 2018)

every vehicle is, at its essence, a computer in motion.

Removable, lightweight and e-bike motor that mounts to your bike’s disc brakes.

Motorizing the Bike You Love with Bimotal and Ansys Simulations
“I can experiment to see ‘Hey, can I get the torque density up any higher?’”

“I want to determine if the magnet should be this big or this big, or if the rotor should be this big or this big?” Furey says. “You take 10 magnet variations and 10 rotor variations and 10 thermal variations, and soon you’re at 1,000 iterations. So the thing in motor design is that with 100 parameters to adjust, the number of iterations just explodes.”

Toby Ricco, Founder and CEO of Bimotal
Bimotal says the Elevate motor and battery can be removed in 20 seconds.

Designed using Ansys Motor-CAD simulation software obtained as part of the Ansys Startup Program!

Contact us to learn more about our ANSYS start-up program:

Electric Powertain Integration and Structures Development

TSI Engineering designed a system to suspend Azure’s Force Drive™ battery electric drivetrain in the Transit Connect chassis. And do it in one month.

TSI’s efficient engineering process helped Azure bring the Transit Connect BEV to life in a very short time. Our processes enabled us to develop mature prototype level designs that could be easily changed into mass-manufacturable parts that were efficient, effective and robust.

Customer: Azure Dynamics
Website: Azure Transit Connect

Decrease Development Time of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Components

“ON (Fairchild) Semiconductor have been able to decrease development time for electronic components for electric and hybrid electric vehicle”

Roy Davis, Sr. Manager

Klaus Neumaier, R&D Engineer

ON Semiconductor

Evaluate More Designs Early

“This approach allows Toyota to evaluate more design alternatives in the early stages of the product development process.”

Tadashi Yamada

Drivetrain Engineering Unit

Toyota Motor Corporation

Sloshing in tanks!

  1. reduce noise levels
  2. reduce stresses on the structure
  3. optimize the baffle arrangements
  4. account for dynamics effects during sudden start/stop

Sloshing has widespread applications in many industries including automotive, aerospace, ship building and motorcycle manufacturing. The goal of sloshing simulation is to first study the sloshing pattern and then improve the tank design.

This validation sloshing simulation (free surface height)

“KTM leverages ANSYS to run simulations in the product development/concept phase. This allows engineers to make quick, responsive decisions early before committing major time and resources.”

Martin Perterer,

Head of Research and Simulation

KTM Technologies GmbH

TSI engineering team ensures the frame would meet the high performance requirements. An insatiable appetite for improvement.

When Norco designed their new downhill bike frame, they came to TSI to get to the root of the matter. In this case, the “root” in question was at the critical head tube connection – not an area on a performance bike where you want any doubts.

Thumbprint Solutions was able to localize the high stresses, understand their root cause and iterate on a solution.

Volkswagen Breaks Time Record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

“Behind the wheel of the 680-horsepower sports car prototype, Dumas mastered the track and the battery cooling system performed precisely as our simulations predicted. ANSYS provided us the competitive edge to outperform the high altitude and challenging turns and set a new world record.”

François-Xavier Demaison
Technical Director

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