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    Rapide Urban Delivery Vehicle
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The Job

Showcasing Canadian knowhow to a global market to develop, design and unviel a revolutionary new model of sustainable, green urban delivery. Taking aim a global last-mile delivery, the Rapide is the first of a family of novel vehicles developed by Gaius Automotive.

The Solution

As project lead on all mechanical development, TSI provides turnkey services for not only design, but all phases of product planning, development and systems implementation.

Our technical expertise was used on traditional mechanical and mechatronic activities including vehicle structure development, suspension design, advanced tilting system design, electronic braking, and vehicle dynamics.

Early and sophisticated advanced simulation helped us save years on the development process. Vehicle dynamics models drove understanding of the suspension and tilt system behaviour; impact models set parameters for durability and abuse loads before vehicles were ever available for test; and even human-factors simulation enabled iteration on fundamental vehicle architectures without the need of vast human subject testing.

Using our in-house SolidWorks ePDM, we developed and implemented full life cycle data management strategies enabling both effective design process, but all forming the foundation for Gaius' ISO certification process.

The Outcome

Another ground-breaking vehicle was developed and built from scratch in record time and unveiled at the 2018 International Auto Show (I.A.A.) in Hannover Germany. Look for it to enter production in late 2019!

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Gaius Rapide


Gaius Rapide at IAA 2018

Prototype on Display at IAA 2018

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