MFAC Merger Structural Analysis - Norco 2012 Downhill Product Development Analysis and Simulation Prototype and Testing

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Thumbprint Solutions provides mechanical engineering services and simulation software solutions to a broad range of clients. Whether it's developing a next generation electric vehicle, understanding the intricacies of complex machines and structures, or pushing the boundaries of simulation-driven design, we deliver results on time and on budget.

Operating in the Greater Toronto Area since 2005, our growing team has more than 25 years of mechanical engineering experience solving real problems for real people. Backed by a suite of world-class modeling and simulation tools and the practical experience to put it all together, we are well-equipped to provide top quality services, innovative solutions and outstanding value. Just ask our clients.

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June 14, 2021 - The Cost Benefits of Cloud Computing

Modern product innovation requires advanced technology infrastructure to minimize budgets and maximize profit. For numerically large engineering simulations, a flexible cloud environment typically delivers faster run times, allowing engineers to solve complex problems quickly ― and launch products more rapidly.

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May 4, 2021 - Automotive Transportation and Mobility

Companies – established and new – are racing to capture the electric mobility market opportunity and they know that their future success depends on the critical technology decisions they make today. KBIs, OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES Safety and Reliability Functional Safety

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April 28, 2021 - Digital Proving Platform – Marine & Boating Industries

Validation Without Prototyping A Technology Race  faster time to market and reduced development costs Why is this the differentiator for the Marine Industry? In this rapidly expanding and increasingly competitive market, modern engineering tools such as CAE can make a

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