Transportation and Mobility

TSI is a boutique mechanical engineering firm consisting of experienced vehicle enthusiasts.

Large OEM automotive or niche market vehicle development programs, down to personal transportation solutions: TSI has the experience to direct, manage, and execute various project scopes within your program management team.

Our team is well-versed in all aspects of vehicle development ranging from simulation support for component suppliers to lead engineer roles in full-vehicle programs. Our services are used by small niche vehicle manufacturers, medium sized commercial vehicle makers, multi-national Tier 1 suppliers and OEM's. Our success comes from our flexibility to tailor our role into the requirements of the overall programs and teams and execute that role effectively.

Personal Transportation

Norco FEA Overlay

From detailed and reliable engineering of tubular structural forms in both metals and composites, electrical and COTS component integration, and efficient and effective fastening and assembly techniques we have the ability to guide and execute exceptional development practices.

TSI will fit into your management team and process through organized and effective communication with a goal of complete satisfaction for you as well as that of your end user. We work with your entire team to ensure we are all on the same page so that all marketing requirements and cost targets are met.

Niche Vehicle Manufacturers

Machines, Motion and controls 1

TSI is well-versed in the common Automotive Industry processes and procedures that make programs complete, successful and and on-time. By setting and executing process- and deadline-driven goals, we hone our work to provide better results. You can depend on the knowledge and wisdom gained from years of experience to help your entire team lauch sucessfully.

  • Full Vehicle
  • Major Subsystems: (ex. Entire chassis, suspension systems, etc.)
  • Components

We are large enough to handle major projects; small enough to pick up the phone and give us a call.

High-Volume Passenger Vehicles

Body Engineering 1 Manufacturing 2

Completed on-time with unique and innovative solutions:

  • Structural Engineering
    • Body and chassis engineering: FEA for stress, crash, NVH
    • Mass and stiffness optimization
  • User Experience
    • Ride and handling: suspension system design, MBD
    • Industrial Design
    • Ergonomics
  • Subsystems and Components
    • Concept design
    • Simulation and analysis of mechanisms and mechatronic systems
    • Lifetime testing (creep, fatigue, corrosion, etc.)
    • Design for manufacturing (fastening technologies, metal forming, mold flow analysis, composite design)
  • Program Management
    • Project management
    • Requirements Management and Voice of the Customer
    • Reverse engineering
    • Compliance engineering

Heavy-Duty Off-Road and Specialty Vehicles

Machines, Motion and controls 1

Engineering heavy-duty vehicles for Off-Road or Special-Purpose commercial applications, while obeying the same underlying engineering priciples, is a vastly different marketplace. Our customers are concerned with utilization, ruggedness, cost, parts availability, field repair, low-volume manufacturing, and many more factors that act to differentiate the engineering culture and have a direct effect on how these vehicles are designed.

We have direct experience working with our customers in this market and can speak directly to your concerns.

Whether your market is the Commercial Vehicle (from eMobility to Heavy Vehicle), Passenger Vehicles, or Personal Transportation, you can believe in TSI to carry your project through to a successful completion.

We have an extensive platform-level development portfolio in the Transportation and Mobility marketplace. Contact us for a customized presentation that will cover recent project solutions and experience that will speak directly to today's challenges.

Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer professional engineering services.