Design & Development

Our design philosophy is simple: Work with our customers to provide the best quality product in the shortest possible time. To accomplish this we use an integrated approach using the right tools at the right times such as CAD, simulation, prototypes and the trusty sketchpad.

Our development process starts with asking the right questions upfront to quickly learn about the design challenge, understanding the requirements and identify potential solutions. We then create project teams that have specialized knowledge for each project to offer the best quality service and a friendly, easy access interface with our customers.

Engineering & Design

Concept Synthesis 1 Design and Documentation 1 Design and Documentation 1

Concept Design

  • Benchmarking
  • Packaging and architectural concepts
  • Simulation-assisted concept development
  • Brainstorming and idea generation
  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • Industrial Design
  • Graphic renderings for marketing or promotional material
  • In-house 3D Printing

Detailed Design

  • 3D CAD modeling and drafting (SolidWorks, CATIA)
  • Design specification development
  • Design for manufacture and assembly fit analysis
  • Design validation/prediction with simulation and physical testing
  • Fastener and joint calculations
  • Material selection
  • Supply chain management
  • Critical design evaluation - fault tree analysis, DVP&R, etc.


  • In-house PDM System for seamless data management and archiving
  • Detailed Drawings
  • GD&T and linear tolerancing
  • Engineering reports and drawings

Machines, Motion and Control Systems

Machines, Motion and controls 1


  • Advanced mechanisms and complex motions
  • Dynamic loads prediction
  • Automotive suspension synthesis
  • Machine vibration isolation
  • Actuator integration and design
  • Advanced controls algorithms

Program Definition and Management

Program Def 1


  • Project scoping, planning, and tracking
  • Product specifications and requirements development
  • Industry surveys and competitive benchmarking
  • Team management and collaboration
  • Regulatory and industry best-practice review
  • Time tracking
  • Contractor and consultant management
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