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Azure Dynamics

The Job

Design a system to suspend Azure's Force Drive™ battery electric drivetrain in the Transit Connect chassis. And do it in one month.

The Solution

With timing tight, and base information sparse, we pulled our socks up and set about designing a prototype mounting scheme to hold their electric drivetrain solution. Our efficient development process let us simultaneously explore design space options, map out effective load paths and develop mature production-ready designs all in a very short time.

Using our advanced simulation tools like topology optimization and multi-body dynamics simulation, we were able develop an understanding of the complex dynamic loads throughout the system, as well as the overall motion of the powertrain without having to perform expensive testing. Using this information we were able to design an effective system that would not only securely mount the powertrain, but also provide isolation of motor and road induced vibration to the vehicle occupants.

Finally, we used a combination of practical design skills and fundamental simulation tools to bring the design from concept to reality including production drawings, prototype parts sourcing and supply, and finally testing support closed the loop on another successful development program. Within a month we were able to produce prototype brackets for their first development vehicle build.

The Outcome

TSI's efficient engineering process helped Azure bring the Transit Connect BEV to life in a very short time. Our processes enabled us to develop mature prototype level designs that could be easily changed into mass-manufacturable parts that were efficient, effective and robust.

After the Design is Done?

Since finishing this initial design, TSI has gone on to many additional projects with Azure Dynamics as part of this program. From testing and troubleshooting, to developing new parts, to pure problem solving, TSI has supported Azure in their quest to be "Part of the Solution".

Azure 1

Powertrain simulation

Azure 2

Azure's Force Drive™ battery electric drivetrain

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